See you guys in a year or two....maybe.

After reading this thread:

I am jumping ship.

This made it very clear to me that NGS wont entertain me until at least 1 more year of development and content has been done if it even survives that long. Sega is so delusional right now that its unhealthy for the game and the community playing it.

So i will leave the game now and hope it turns into a real game in the next 1-2 years. I also wont be active in the forums anymore from tomorrow onward so today is the last day. I have more playtime in the forums then i have in NGS but even the forums aint healthy anymore because even here we go in full circles because there is nothing new to talk about when the game does not evolve. (Even tho the trolls are entertaining.)

I had a nice time with PSO2 (not NGS) and the time i spend in the forums was a ride of good and bad experiences but i enjoyed it regardless. So stay healthy maybe we see us again.


See you in a year maybe. I feel your pain. I don't login daily anymore and check the forums from time to time in case something has changed.


I am pretty sure i will see some faces in Blue Protocol again if i dont return to NGS. The gaming world is small after all.

Who are you even?


The Question is who are you mister 1 Post ?

@Gilver-Redgrave I am nobody. Just thought you were a streamer or something.

@J-P said in See you guys in a year or two....maybe.:

@Gilver-Redgrave I am nobody. Just thought you were a streamer or something.

Ya man only streamers can post on the official forums, nice thinking.

@Gilver-Redgrave on the real.......don’t jump ship yet just give it time. Just play other game and come back causally. I personally don’t want you to fall behind to much. It not a PvP land controlled guild base type of game. Think of it like a Netflix seasonal episodes.

Another doomposter bites the dust rip

@El-Zenchi said in See you guys in a year or two....maybe.:

Another doomposter bites the dust rip

Be glad he actually posted about leaving and why. Think about how many thousands (tens of thousands in all reality) just left without saying a word of their displeasure. I still haunt here when I feel like catching up on the status of things, but I'm long gone as well. I've more than said my peace on the state of the game and direction I wish they'd go and changes I wish they'd make to improve what we have. I've wasted enough time and moved on to FF with several friends.

Life is finite, it's moronic to spend it waiting on something to hopefully become good if the future - even more so if you're actually paying them to waste your time like they have benn. Especially for those of us with jobs and limited playtime. Find something that you enjoy now and doesn't expect you to wait weeks, let alone months, before it might become enjoyable.

@A-Silver-King He made a big deal about leaving...thought it was someone noteworthy. Why else make a useless post? I guess he just wanted someone to care.

I care.......on the real.

Have fun until then, most likely see ya in Blue Protocol too!

See you in Blue Protocol! 👋

This isn't an airport, you don't have to declare your departure.