ARKS campaign for Premium

If I purchase the 3 month premium ticket, will that already count as towards the Stamp reward Emilia? Appreciate it if a GM or a support staff from SEGA global can confirm this.

Thank you!

You have to purchase it during the period I believe, not before it.

Thanks for confirming!

The campaign period was originally set as the 4th to 31st of August but I recall it being said it was delayed to a later date pending further notice and I don't believe we've had that notice yet?

So it was announced on NGS Headline last month, both in JP and Global:


I can find news of its delay on the JP site here:

Due to a defect confirmed in the official program "NGS Headline" on July 27, 2021 (Tuesday), "Selling great deals at the AC shop!" (Premium set sale with bonus) , We will postpone the sales period.

We will inform you of the sales time at a later date.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

But I can't find any news of a delay on Global. The only sign that it's not active is the lack of an article for it in the Events & Campaigns section (or any section) of the NGS website.

Edit: Scratch that, I've found it now - here. It's buried under bumped announcements like the end of maintenance announcement for the July 14th maintenance. I'm really not liking the format of the new site, it's super difficult to find information on anything and that's supposed to be what it's for!

Hopefully the August NGS Headline will clear up that the campaign has updated dates. If it says nothing we'll have a dangerous situation where they might tell us in September that the campaign already ended.

@Miraglyth They make it hard to find useful information for no reason.

It wasn't addressed in today's NGS Headline either. Curiously the Sonic collaboration campaign set will have another campaign for activating Premium, so perhaps this has been delayed to the more distant future (if it's not running right now and they simply haven't told anyone).

@GMs, can you please forward a request for information about whether this campaign is running? If so it's got a week left. Really would be nice if we weren't left in the dark.

Situation update: It'll be available after the 01 Sep maintenance, which is also the start date of the Sonic collaboration involving a Premium activation bonus so we might get some nice overlap here.

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