What every happened to the beast class?

If you mean from PSO / PSU, then it doesn't exist. Nor do beast weapons (except for in some models as references.)

@coldreactive Beasts were exclusive to PSU and the PSP games, they weren't in PSO.

@plaz13 I think you're confused because PSO2 has a race called Dumans. The ones in PSO2 are a completely different race. Dumans in PSP2/PSP2i are people who were infected by the SEED.

Dumans in PSO2 are specifically genetically modified with darker/falspawn DNA, it was entirely intentional on Luther's part and that's the key difference (also darkers/falspawn aren't SEED-forms, the SEED only exists in the PSU universe, which is entirely separate from the rest of the Phantasy Star lore, the PSU/PSP2/PSP2i characters had to travel through subspace to reach the ORACLE fleet, this is also why we don't need googles that are unweildly to work with and take up a slot in the consumable item pallet that PSO2 doesn't have to clear darker/falspawn infestations).