Every so often, when I go to the 'Whisper' part of chat, my whole chat client does not allow me to switch to any other chat mode (such as Alliance or General chat).

I can exit the chat menu and operate the rest of the game as normal, but when I go back to the chat window, the Whisper chat is all that works. I also must manually find the user's name to receive a whisper in a different menu (nearby characters or alliance members list, anywhere really) but I cannot manually type in the name.

I have been having this issue since the release of NGS, but it happens infrequently. To date, it has happened only 4 times. The next time it happens I will try to reply in detail the steps that got me to the bug. I suspect it has something to do with switching between Alliance Chat and Whisper Chat, but I have nothing else to go on.

I am on Xbox.