Hiro Arai himself confirms they will keep following their update model and that global has a good and healthy marketplace

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Hello there and welcome to once more sending you stuff from Japanese media, courtesy this time from the good guys at the NGS subreddit https://new.reddit.com/r/PSO2NGS/comments/p7dxfq/dengeki_online_interview_with_hiro_arai_navigator/ and only a beautiful Google Translate away we can get much more info than any 30 minutes advertisement will possibly give us about the past, present and future of the popular PSO2:NGS.

It already starts great, as the first question after asking who is Hiro Arai is:

--Please tell us what you are particular about and what you are struggling with when working.

First, you have to know the game. I play "NGS" every day, and I make a special effort to stand in the user's perspective.

The difficult thing is ... Is it a belief? I used to think that I had the same perspective as the user, but I felt that it was difficult because it was different from my own skin sensation.

--What exactly is it?

For example, I think it's a place where you can actually experience the lack of Meseta. If it's a loud voice, I feel it myself, so I think that's right, but on the contrary, it's difficult to pick up minor requests.

So it seems that for SEGA the answer to marketplace problems will be to inject MORE meseta like how they amplified the rewards a lil while ago. Great start! Next is something people around here asked about, the change from broadcast to the paltry NGS Headline:

--- After the service was launched, "NGS Headline" was started. Please tell us the reason why you changed it.

I think that "PSO2 STATION! +" Had many free talks and variety corners in addition to new information. It was made so that you can enjoy it not only as an announcement but also as one of the contents of "PSO2".

On the other hand, there were many users who wanted to know only the information, and the trend of video distribution in recent years is that shorter ones are preferred, so this form was adopted.

For fun broadcasts, we ask influencers (official streamer "Team NGS") to broadcast live play.

Ah, yes, as some people only want the "content" it was best to cut entirely the thing and do a prerecorded show (that IS going to continue this way and might only get a bit longer on the "big update" patches, mentioned later) while influencers are supposed to talk about the dev side somehow? And hoping they don't get banned, given their terrible streaming protections.

Then we get a global mention 👏 😊 I am going to have to pick something from later on the interview to join both together:

--- I'd like to ask you about the global version earlier, but how about the response overseas?

I am not in charge of the global version, but I manage it so that there are no discrepancies in information while communicating with information and announcements. Like the domestic version, the global version is played by the largest number of users ever.

However, it seems that the opinions that the volume at the time of service in is insufficient and that there are many problems are more severe than in Japan.

Later on, about general problems in NGS...

--On the contrary, what kind of part do you have a request for?

Volume, many defects, and lag (delay). First of all, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by defects and lag. We will continue to prevent recurrence and take corrective actions.

"Volume" being "content". "Defects" being bugs and lag being duh. Please understand they are talking about the JP version here so... I guess talking about the marketplace, RMT and red box perhaps doesn't concern them. After all, the marketplace is in a much better position than ours - right?

Let's move on to "when NGS, why NGS, why not PSO3":

--When did the "NGS" project start?

Regarding development, we will answer based on the content heard from the development team in advance. The project started in 2017, before I was still involved in "NGS".

Yes, 2017, before the pandemic.

--Please tell us how you decided to update "PSO2" instead of a new title.

I wanted to continue the service while making the best use of the avatar items and equipment of users who have been playing for a long period of 9 years. Also, since it was possible that users would be dispersed if two titles were provided in parallel, such as "PSO2" and "PSO3", we decided to deploy it as a major update.

So yes, indeed, this is PSO3. And now for the topic title question:

--- Does that mean that the volume side will remain as it is for a while?

I regret that I should have told you more about this, but the update policy is slightly different between "PSO2" and "NGS".

"PSO2" has been updated once every two weeks with the concept of having some fun every week. In "NGS", it is a policy to take time to make a large volume and release it every six months, so there will be a wave in the amount of content.

-I see.

Is it the difference in the game cycle? The development team knows that some users are playing around and taking a break, and we're working hard to make something good so that they can come back with every major update.

--- Will minor corrections be the main thing until the major update?

Of course, that doesn't mean there are no updates at all. We will update every two to three months, focusing on quests and system-related expansions. We also want to make sure that you can enjoy the next region, such as seasonal events and new items, until the next region is delivered.

--How fast do you plan to update the main story?

The main story is updated at the same time as the region is added. The side story is scheduled to be delivered about once every two to four months.

--- Compared to "PSO2", it is delivered at a slower pace.

I agree. In "NGS", all users will always play the story, so the volume of the story will not be as large as in "PSO2".

So yes, this is how things are. And not only that, but story mode seems to be going to be an afterthought. Perhaps even IDOLA will have more story content compared to PSO3, I mean, NGS.

And here you go an extra, about the SG Scratch changes!

--- I'd like to ask you about the management policy, but please tell us the reason why the SG Scratch lineup has been added.

First of all, I apologize for not being notified in advance. I regret that I should have explained the point that the update method is different from SG scratch of "PSO2" before distribution.

The reason for the change is that SG Scratch items, which are currencies that can be obtained without charge, have specifications that cannot be traded as a countermeasure against fraud, and I wanted to leave an opportunity to obtain them.

In addition, "PSO2" was updated about once every six months, but "NGS" is scheduled to be updated once every one to two months. For that reason, new items will continue to be added in the future.

So, because FOMO and all they have in their staff is modelers.

The second half of the interview will be posted after August 21st.

Can't wait for it! There's more in the link if you feel like reading the whole thing (which I already copied like half of it) but this was the mostly relevant stuff. So, everyone, sit and twiddle your thumbs until the big update in December!

Sad to read this. I was hoping SEGA would have at least reconsidered a thing or two in the schedule to help with retaining people who actually play the game, but it's clear all they care about are the whales and gacha fiends. I'm curious to see what the player count will look like by the time NGS gets the big december update. Will the White Knights and True Fans™ run out of copium by then?

The people in charge of NGS need to be taken off the project. They are horrible.

Probably not even a desire on improving the play frequency of the current 'content'

Well that Dengeki Online interview (https://dengekionline.com/articles/92354/) is a very important one indeed. I honestly feel anyone who haven't read this interview doesn't deserve to speak about the current status or the future of NGS. And I'm not happy to see this important piece of info was delivered as a kind of JP exclusive thing. I really expect global team will provide a formal translation of the interview. Or better, probably they might show a global counterpart of the interview, as the Dengeki interview is oriented towards JP server (Hiro himself says he's not in charge of the global server).

For anyone interested in the interview, the most important point of the interview is that NGS is designed to deliver a big chunk of contents only with regional updates once in a half year. And players leaving the game between these large updates due to the lack of contents, is an expected behavior. There are other interesting points in this interview, but this contents deliver cycle is the point we must keep in mind when we talk about NGS.

Also speaking about the "Google quality" translations. Japanese language omits the subject of a sentence very often, this is a point where AI translations have difficulties. Borrowing an example Aumires provided

I am not in charge of the global version, but I manage it so that there are no discrepancies in information while communicating with information and announcements.

The original Japanese text of this part is as follows.


As Hiro says he is not in charge of the global version (global server), the latter part of the sentence after the Japanese comma "、" should be considered as having a subject of the PSO2 team. So "I manage it so that" is a pretty problematic translation.

This problem appear in a greater scale after the section titled "The plan of NGS started in 2017", as from this point Hiro is answering based on his hearing with the dev team.


As for the game developments and related things, I'll answer based on a hearing I had with the dev team.

After this, we need to examine the subject of each sentence if we try to translate it into English. If the subject is omitted, it can be "I" when Hiro is speaking about his personal comments, or "they" (the dev team) when he's speaking about game design or design decisions. Quite a bother... 😁

Speaking of the thread title, the part "they will keep following their update model" is true, but the part "global has a good and healthy marketplace" is unfortunately, not correct.

He hasn't commented anything about the in-game economy in the interview. The part he talked about Meseta is in a context that he is trying to stand on a user-side viewpoint, but that's a difficult task. He mentioned "It's hard to earn Meseta" as an easier example of picking up players' wishes, as he can relate to that as a player. Just that, he's not talking about on a scale of economy.

Anyway, I strongly expect global will provide an English version of this interview or a counterpart of it.

So…we get content only once every half a year? But we weren’t given enough content to even last that long. I don’t understand that decision.

Content that doesn't even last two weeks every six months. That makes no sense at all. What drugs are they on anyways?

Remembering this guys grand ideas is why pso2 almost died

I think this seals it for me, gang. This company is incompetent and I’ve run out of patience. If this design failure was actually intentional then there’s nothing left to say, they want their game to run like this.


What do you have to say about this?

And the guy knows they "update" every week with gatcha xD.

Actual game updating: slow

cash cow updating: lightning

SEGA needs to get smart and throw these idiots out and never hire them again.

Well I have nothing to worry about! I am happy with the way this game is moving forward! Thank you Sega!

@Rain-Gnyu I totally sense the sarcasm in your text ! :3

@Milk said in Hiro Arai himself confirms they will keep following their update model and that global has a good and healthy marketplace:

So…we get content only once every half a year? But we weren’t given enough content to even last that long. I don’t understand that decision.

It sounds like they want to give us a new region with each major update, these take time to design and build. Of course we don’t know how big these regions will be, we’ve only have the aelio region to go off so far, though I don’t expect it to be has big has aelio.

I don’t think anyone can deny that ngs wasn’t ready for launch, so we don’t know how much content they originally wanted to have ready at launch or what they had to cut to get it out the door in time for launch. Once the winter update hits we will have a clearer idea of what sega considers adequate content for a 6 month update, plus presumably they will release another road map at this time detailing all the smaller updates that we will be get leading up to the next major update. This should also give us a clearer idea of what they consider adequate updates between major updates has they should be by that point at a point where they aren’t having to work on bugs and features that were cut for launch. Of course weather the player base agrees with them could be a completely different matter entirely.