[NGS] Craftable fixa , quest schedules suggestion

Can we get some options to craft fixa onto the weapon?

It is already very difficult to drop a desired weapon with the desired series, then it's even more difficult (close to impossible) to get a correct fixa on it.

Grinded meaninglessly at combat zone and got all rubbish to convert to meseta.

Also, can we get a schedule for UQ and such?

It can be randomized daily / weekly, but at least we could plan at what time to join a quest.

Not all people have the luxury to stay in game whole day doing nothing and wait for those quests.

First off having a craftable fixa is a bad idea as that is what makes it rare

I'm s there is a schedule for the urgent quest as I have 2 bots in the discord that alert people to the the UQ

They could easily make it a grind to get all the stuff required to make a fixa capsule of some sort which you could place directly onto your weapon. Not only does this get people playing more but keeps the value of fixas while also adding a non rng endgoal.

I think the Fixa system in general is bad. Having the top rarity, 4* drop very commonly as a whole devalues them and their only value really comes from if they have a Fixa or not. Funnily enough, they don't even impact BP despite having a very obvious impact on power, since a fixa 5 attack is no different than having a 5% potency augment, making it identical to 2 or 3 augments. It does feel like the rare drop notification should have an option for fixa + high rarity, not just rarity because if you grind alot, you'll see plenty of sad Rare Drop Vialto Double Sabers worth a pristine 65 N-meseta.

It wouldn't be the worst thing to just be able to consume fixa 0 (no fixa) to get a random fixa 1, then consuming duplicate fixa 1 to get a fixa 2 so on so forth. At least, you'd be able to gradually make some amount of progress.

Imagine if in base pso2, you just had to keep grinding TPD to get Klauz units with Fixa Performa 5 on them until you make your GAMERC Units. That would literally be disgusting and nothing would be more discouraging than having to wait to get another 300 augment transfer passes to move from the non-fixa klauz set to a fixa klauz set. At least base game had augment transfer passes so its not a complete waste to affix a top tier set-up since you could move it, but that is not the case in NGS.

There is no schedule for UQ. The Fleetcord bot that alerts people to the UQ is done by having someone report that a UQ or weather is going on (refer to the Announced by XYZ at the bottom of the message). It will usually alert when a Storm has already started, or 10 ~ 15 minutes before a UQ starts (which coincides with the in-game announcement occurring).

The only reason why global had a schedule for storms was because SEGA recycled the storm times on one occasion and the other was because Global and JP were on the same schedule with JP a few hours ahead due to some difference resulting from an extended maintenance.

There is currently no schedule for either Storms (Gigas) or UQ.

The only content you can consistently plan on doing is killing mobs in Combat/Exploration sector. If you want to Gigas or UQ, you just have to afk and wait for it to pop up.

I would love it if SEGA told us when to expect NGS UQ's and when to expect Twisted with Hatred every week.