Able to equip jet boots?

So i just got a Lambda Arestice jet boot drop with my braver class lvl 30 and im able to equip them. This is my first lambda weapon ao I'm wondering if they're universal or something. I am very curious to why this is

There are various weapons that are multi-class or all-class (you can see which classes a weapon can be used by on the weapon's second info tab); in general, even if you can equip them, you cannot use their PAs unless you are sub-classing the class that normally uses them, though there are some weapons that have innate PAs attached to them that don't follow this requirement.

The biggest benefit to these multi-/all-class weapons is that they make leveling your sub-class a little less jarring since you can just continue to use the weapon type you are used to even when you have to main your sub (which you need to do to level it past lv55). Also, if they have particularly good stats, they allow you to use more niche builds (like TE/BO with a TE-usable set of JBs).

@AndrlCh Thx i just saw that it says all under the required class