Rahgbelt Trigger - Xbox One

I just got a Raghbelt Trigger but have no clue how to use it. Can anyone help me out?

@Comet13009 you use it when selecting an applicable quest to cause that rare enemy to spawn.

For that one in particular it is best to find a group of players planning on using it so that you can collect several of the Pink Ark's Badges they drop.

Those units are expensive right now cause not many others are aware of how to get the badges.

Where do the Trigger items drop?

@AnamanaAU for now the trigger is a one time reward for a casino Client Order.

@John-Paul-RAGE Thanks a lot! I couldn't see why I have one and worried a bit that I might have exploited some bug without knowing it 🙂

Appreciate it! Here's a screenshot for others to find it.