Error: Game reporting my CAST is too short when undressed and can't make salon changes

My CAST is max height according to the height slider, however it won't let me make any salon changes, saying my character height is under 150 when undressed.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Enter Salon

  • Make no changes or make changes (does not matter)

  • Select "Confirm Changes"

*Receive the following Error: Height Error "Your changes could not be applied because your character's height when undressed sis too low. Please make your character at least 150cm tall. Press LT to check your character's undressed height.

So they even put in an error related to their editing of the minimum height?

Have you switched over to his Layered Wear (aka Fleshie) model to check the height?


Hmm well the UI is a nightmare so I'm not sure, but my height reads as 198 in the top right, even when I'm viewing my layered wear but I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing in this interface.

I'm taller than other characters I come across, and I can't seem to fathom how I made it past character creation if I'm too short. Honestly I just want to rotate my accessories but I can't even do that at the moment. As for my look, I've just equipped a few new cast armors it gave me from the mission pass.

If you are that tall in both robot and fleshie form, then I would go ahead and shoot them a support ticket for this.

I'm having the same issue on pc, they deleted my first toon ever made on pc NA launch day and I had to recreate. The issue continues no matter what I do,it always says must be atleast 150 cm . I can make him tall or short. Still wont let me create a male cast.

I am so glad I'm not the only one with this issue! It's getting me super angry at this point, and I have literally no idea how the hell to fix it.

Okay, folks, found the issue, at least for me. Thanks to another thread about this, I learned that Male CAST Preset 8 is likely bugged, and no matter what height you set it to, it will give the error. Using another preset and adjusting the height should help.