How has the beta experience been holding up for you?

Hello everyone!

I was just scoping some of the forums here and saw a lot of topics relating to the beta experience. It seems that there is a lot of issues piling up. Now, I know there is always technical difficulties through the testing times, but I just wanted to know if the game is still generally fun to the community at large.

I still haven't been able to play it myself due to platform availability and that's fine. It's just with seeing some of the posts, I'm kind of getting this vibe that there's a lot of hassles to playing game.

I think people are just talking about issues a lot here because that's what the beta period is for - hopefully most of these will be addressed in the full release.

Is the game still fun? Absolutely, no question. I've played for around 100 hours and haven't had any major issues personally. There are minor things like text bugs and that one time I heard a Japanese voice line, but I wouldn't describe it as a hassle at all. Of course, I can't speak for everyone, but I'm having a great time.

@zek6011 Well that's good!

From the way I was searching things here, it was like things were stacking up to become buggy. I thought it was going the ways of Phantasy Star Universe lol.

I'm sure there's a fair amount of people that are having issues, but they're being vocal about it, which is good. But I think the vast majority of us would agree that it's definitely still worth playing. As for comparisons to PSU, I can't really comment on that because I'm a newcomer to the Phantasy Star, uh, universe. lol

The biggest thing hindering my enjoyment is that I'm playing on an OG Xbox One until it comes out on PC, so I have to deal with dynamic resolution and occasional FPS drops when there's a lot of stuff going on on the screen, but still, not a major issue.

Definitely fun and worth the time playing. A lot of the issues are directed more towards management decisions and are being voiced with the hope of reaching the right eyes.

The amount of time it will remain fun and how the fun will climax depends on individual expectations of the game, so I would say your chances of enjoying it are pretty good too!

@John-Paul-RAGE I've been really excited to try it! Some of the classes look insane, and I've been interested in learning about the story.