Swap N-Viola Magica Color Slots for Consistency with Viola Magica

I want to suggest that the color slots on the N-Viola Magica setwear and innerwear be swapped for consistency with the Viola Magica outfit. The color slot on the N-Viola Magica that affects the colors on things such as Mags is the not the one that affects the portion of the setwear and innerwear that the single color slot on the Viola Magica outfit affected. This can result in, for example, Mags being the incorrect color when transitioning from PSO2 cosmetics to their NGS equivalents.

This post is deleted!

Example screenshots: Notice how my Mag is correctly colored cyan when using the Viola Magica outfit, but is incorrectly colored white when using the identically-colored N-Viola Magica setwear. pso20210613_225525_000.jpg pso20210811_231858_001.jpg