More in game AC Scratch and Fun Scratch (XBOX)

Would be nice to have more than one AC scratch and Fun Scratch available per month. Albeit it is the first month and may increase over time.

I know the Japanese version has had lots of different scratch which hopefully in time we will also get on the Xbox.

Maybe a scratch roadmap showing what’s to follow in the next 3 months as well as 3 scratch options or more per time.

They are going to add a new AC Scratch every two weeks, just like in the JPN version.

@AndrlCh brilliant thanks for sharing looking forward to more items. I really do hope we get similar if not the same as JP version content they had some great collabs like Nier and Attack on Titan to name but a few.

It would be nice to see the gold scratch that Japan has too where we can get complete outfit sets instead of bits and pieces.