Unable to Create Help Ticket/Reach Support

I'm trying to submit a help ticket but I am unable to. Whenever I try to, the website asks me to login. After logging in, I click the Player Support button, I am them prompted to login again. It's an endless loop. I've tried multiple browsers, clearing cookies, I've even tried it on my phone. Nothing. I emailed Sega's main office, and they sent me this:

*Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting SEGA Support.

For issues/queries relating to Phantasy Star Online 2, please contact Phantasy Star Online 2 Support. Please note that you will need to sign into your account to access the support page.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Support https://support.pso2.com/

.... Best Regards,

SEGA Support*

Seriously.... Come on. I have to fix THIS issue before I can even fix my original issue!

For anyone else experiencing this, the direct link to bypass this broken one is: https://support.pso2.com/hc/en-us

It seems they updated the support page with NGS but didn't fix the link in the Contact Support button.