Anyone else notice they took out the Premium 30 day reward for xbox game pass perks?

SO I was looking at the new rewards they are offering and I thought it was a compensation to include more items and such...but then I noticed they removed the premium 30 pass all together... So does that mean for those that didn't get to claim it before it was buggy, we lose the opportunity for that reward?

Seems to me like a cop out when we should've received a free item worth $$$ and they offer us items separate from what we would have been given through the premium pass (even if it was only for 30 days)

Or is it a typo where it says "Personal Quarters access (30 days)" Because i have no issues going to my personal quarters right now. (maybe because its still OB?)

The change was intentional. People were abusing it while it was up, especially considering you could just subscribe to Game Pass for $1 and get stuff that would be worth over $30, approximately. The Personal Quarters also actually has 2 parts. A small mini-room for free with a max of 5 spaces in it, while this premium passes gives you access to 2 extra rooms with a lot more space. Premium included this pass and the personal shop pass with it. The Quarters pass is less exploitable during this OBT phase, also.

That saddens me... I would have seriously considered getting a permanent premium subscription after having tested all the different stuff that came with it.

The few ruin it for the many in this case /Shrug

The premium set is also bundled with the gold mission pass. If they were to put back the premium set, they'd have to remove that and the aforementioned other premium perk item.

Thanks for the response, considering I'm not one of those that abused it, its another case of the few ruin it for the many...