Microsoft Store installed PSO2NGS is not the same version as server and doesn't offer upgrade

Title says it all. What do I do? Microsoft store just says "Play" and does not offer update.

Microsoft store still doesn't offer update for the game. Meanwhile I downloaded the entire 80 GB or whatever it was to re-download the game again on Steam. Steam has the correct version and allows me to connect to servers. This is an issue

I met the same problem as you, but I don't want to download it again on another store, it's too big...

I have the issue as well - no idea how to work around it either.

Same problem, PC version Microsoft store. Last time I got an update was on August 4th when Braver released.

Have you tried the PSO2 Tweaker?

Still no update offered to users who have installed the game through the Windows Store. Note the time and date stamp captured in my snippet. I can load the game just fine through Steam.

If the tweaker works, that's great. I just don't want that to be 'the solution' because sega can't work with M$ to provide an update in a timely fashion. Many people won't come to these forums when they're disgruntled, they'll just stop playing the game.

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Me and few of my friends have the same issue. Re-installing fixed it for me, but it is going to be pretty annoying if I have to do it on every update.

@AKA-Dubz Can't you update the game from somewhere in that PSO2NGS screen of the Microsoft Store App? I could and am playing the mining rig defense on my MS Store PC without trouble.

If I remember right, it was from a menu of the "..." button right to the "Play" button, but I'm not sure since that menu now shows no update option for me.

@Fiona-Respha I had tried that solution, there are 3 . . . next to your account name, you can click on downloads and updates, when I click on it, Microsoft store tells me there are no new updates and everything is up to date. I think Sega totally missed the MS store version and there is no viable way around it. I do not want to uninstall/reinstall, I do not want to have to go through tweaker (Again) I don't want to have to use another stores version. If Sega simply wants the game to fail, they are doing a great job at it. I for one have no issues of never playing this game again if this keeps up.

Sega has posted a way to update the game.

Install the Xbox app via the Microsoft Store.
Launch the Xbox app, go to My Collection > Manage Installs, and click either Update or Update All.
Launch the Microsoft Store, enter “PSO2” in the search bar, and select “Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis”.
Confirm that the game was updated and launch the game.