Bug: Astute Braver Ticket compensation item cannot be used

Because it doesn't have a name, so the AC Scratch shop also doens't recognize that I have it.

alt text

Because Astute Braver SG ends on 8/25, it's likely that the ticket can only be used before 8/25.

Come on, Global Team...? Why? This is going into amateur territory.

Same thing happened on my end.

I'm holding off all further purchases on this game until SEGA can get its act together. The amount of localization problems we face is unreal. How can an operation be run this badly? I really don't understand.

They fixed it. I got a new one when I relogged.

Mine is still bugged...who do we contact?

@J-P You should have gotten both a bugged "blank" ticket and an unbugged Astute Braver ticket. Just trade the black ticket in at the item trader for a N-RDR+25%.