Exporting character models

heard it was possible but i thought I'd ask first cuz it seems unlikely. Even FFXIV took the next step and copyrighted any character you make in ffxiv so you can't sell art or make your own comics, fan made or not. Though it would be super awesome if you could, especially for social purposes like VRchat or Vtubing. Could help PSO's marketing encouraging more social interactions between the fanbase in other formats. idk, just brainstorming.

Actually, It WOULD be possible., But difficult nontheless. The files in question would more than likely be hidden, And in some cases In a propreitary format altogether.

Would ninja ripper work?

Unsure, You can give it a go and see what you can accomplish. I really think that it is possible, Other games that I've seen with (c) characters are either from Marvel Comics and even DC Comics group.

Exporting characters? Your created characters?

Yeah. Though I'm not sure where that file would be or even consist of. Im not a programmer X(