NGS Story Cutscene Gallery

I think the ability to rewatch story cutscenes and/or redo main story quests with cutscenes in them similar to PSO2 Classic in NGS would be a good idea. I feel like having a game with such big gaps between the major story updates with no way to refresh yourself on previous events is a little silly as well. I heard forum posts are more likely to get seen by the devs, so hopefully we see this feature implemented in the future.

Hopefully we get this along side the new area since we will be getting more story made with it.

This is something that this game needs.

Why would you want to listen to Aina whimper about her fee fees coupled with indecisive feet dragging multiple times?

@Yggranya Because I kinda liked the story, short as it was. I also don’t find Aina annoying so there’s that.

@TPEidolon Well then, JRPG stories were made for you. They're all pretty much the same.

After Aina gets over her problems, i guarantee someone new gets introduced that opens up to your emotionless self-insert. They'll thank your character after their out of nowhere revelation as if you did or said something meaningful for dubious reasons. Just another worshipper on the altar of blank slates.

I actualy agree with @Yggranya , base PSO2's story was alot more serious and refined, NGS tries to hard to be like the Jumanji 2 and 3 movies, really inauthentic.

@Charus Pfft, obviously you don't agree with me since i think PSO2 story was even worse than this, but that's only the case since NGS has only started and the same old shit hasn't been recycled to the story yet. It is a JRPG so that's only a matter of time though.

When i can see all "twists" coming a light year away, it gets really damn dull following a story. But that was expected, so the skip button has its work cut out for it.

Still, "serious and refined" is at least good joke, so thanks for the laugh.

@Yggranya Well maybe not after Episode 4 when PSO2 started to get really wacky in the storywriting, but episodes 1 to 3 we're actualy the best parts without random BS that NGS has.

@Charus Ugh, i could wax on about that too, but i've complained about the story too much already.

Not sure what this discussion has to do with the topic, if you didn’t like the story why’d you even bother responding? This feature wouldn’t be for you.