I miss the little Lilli-pans :(

WIll they ever be allowed to return in NGS? or are they simply hiding? Perhaps they were captured in some Dolls Plot?


Hopefully we get something like them when the desert area opens up, I miss the Lilipans too.

If your map bugs out, you can see a settlement in the middle. Most likely there will be, unless SEGA feels extremely bland and it is more "type 1s and 2s".

Sometimes I wonder if Lilipans will ever be a selectable body type. That would be fun.

@Aumires You'd think when they removed race and gender from ngs meant they would be trying to go ham on crazy faces and bodies for milking that sweet ac money, but nope.

I'd rather they make something new instead of just recycling old things. Otherwise well be stuck fighting automata, again (yeah, we probably will be). Also, if they do add some creatures like this, i sincerely hope they are more capable than the Lillipans. In fact, considering how they were constantly under attack, they should have evolved to barbarillipans (or whatever the name was) to survive and to thrive. Then they could help and protect us for a change. They sure owe me a lot. Stupid broken gillnas trial.