Game Content Suggestion - Urgent Quests, Limited Quest, Rising Weapon Badge 5, Mission Badge

Please hear me out. Following the release of New Genesesis, PSO2 was left in a bare bones state. Altouhg understanding, many players, including me, still play PSO2 prefering it to New Genesis. But the gamee is in a gimped state, a lot of the content is not accesible to new players , some of the game Currency, like Mission Badge are no longer obtainable and , others such as Rising Weapon Badge 5 are difficult to obtain for New Players.

What i suggest is the following:

  • Add all the Urrgent Quest released for the Global Version to the pool of possible Random Urgent Quest that happen spontaneously, this, not limited, to only the "Major" UQ, that have the Ultra Hard difficulty avaiable. The Urgent Quest i talk about are:

  • Mining Base Defense: Incursion

  • Mining Base Defense: Despair

  • The Manifested Planetbreaker and The Chant to Cleanse the Calamity

  • Imposing Iron Assault and Iron Juggernaut of the High Seas

  • The Lunar Phantasm Matriarch

  • Deus Esca, Maker of New Epochs and the 4man Rematch, Deus Esca, Singer of Genesis

  • Mother Creator

  • Castrum Demonica: Hostility

  • Castrum Demonica: Madness

  • Mining Base VR

  • Swirling Inferno on the Arks Ship

  • Seasonal Urgent Quests, matching thee current Themed Lobby. I speak of quests such as Beach Wars, Trick or Treat ect

Almost all of this quest are avaible in Trigger Form ath the Rising Weapon Badge exchange shop, but Rising Weapon Badgee are hard to obtain for new players these days, so boost either the drop rate or make them easily accesible via a curreny exchange.

  • Add Limited Quest on a per montly rotation, starting with Special Braktrough Training Episode 4 and ending with Mop Up Op: Endless Nightmare

  • Add a way to obtain Tokyo Key: Rainbow either trough weekly reward o random drop from the Chest at the end of a Reccomended Quest

This is all regarding the suggestions i wanted to make. I know the company goal are now set to New Genesis, but, please, we just ask to have avaiable and accessible all the content present within the game. I look forward to see these changes implemented.

On JP, you can still get rainbow keys from the recommended quests according to


So global got shafted in that fashion.

There's no point though from what I heard it's an 8-year of game the game has been out of a long enough they just want to move on and there's no point of really putting that much time and effort into a game most people have already completed

@Drakaina This is not effort. This is stuff that they can program easily to happen automatically. Nobody is asking for new content. Is about having access to all of the content in the game. Does not matter if it is an 8 year old game, people still play it, more so then NGS at this point in time.

@Drbgamez except Reccomended Quest chest still Dropn Magatsu Key: Silver and Gold.

And no Tokyo Rainbow Key.

@fabioffxi on JP side? That image is for JP, not global, but would be weird if they said this and not do anything on it.

@Drbgamez On the Global server to this day, we still drop Magatsu Keys and no trace of the Rainbow Keys in the Reccomended quest chests. They announce the update, but never implemented it.

@fabioffxi Waow. The rainbow keys were not supposed to be implemented, just the first change, but that's interesting, they may have not gone through with it.

Hello SEGA global, can you guys actually make this happen? Sick and tired of YOU making us Global players feel the unwanted child. How the hell are we not getting these perks JP has in base pso2?

8-year old game and they want to move onto a different Project I'm complaining like that I'm going to solve anything if you want them to even consider taking action be respectful

@Drakaina Being "respectful" just makes them disregard your suggestion a in a little less callous manner. It has no bearing on anything being considered.

I mean, if they really wanted to move onto a different project they would've done PSO3 instead of doing PSO2:NGS. But they didn't.

SEGA already ran a campaign for playing base PSO2 for Weapon Camo's, and they allow the use of Old-Type cosmetics and set up a system for using base equipment in NGS. Base PSO2 is a crutch for whenever SEGA can't manage to do content in a timely manner, they get to fallback and maybe run a campaign or two using Base PSO2 for 'content' and chances are they'll recycle rewards from old campaigns when they do that.

I do agree that base PSO2 got screwed over hard. But I think first and foremost, having an actual UQ schedule would help that. Whats the point of having all these UQ's if you'll never be able to try to align the stars and be on when they occur? The one UQ I love to see and do is Twisted with Hatred, but sometimes it goes more than entire week without showing up, then 2 pop up right when you're sleeping and it hides for another week.

UQ's should get a schedule. I would love to go back and do Deus Rematch and Yamato 4man, but those aren't triggers last I checked. Twisted with Hatred also isn't - I kinda wish we could once weekly purchase a trigger for it or something because at the moment it is such a hassle to not only have the stars align and have Twisted with Hatred appear, you also have to have your squad online or able to get online for it as well.

I do agree that RWB5 should probably be more common.

It'd be nice if buster medals also dropped from more areas too.

At the very least, Global should have all of the stuff JP has for their PSO2. The difference is pretty significant.

@Drakaina said in Game Content Suggestion - Urgent Quests, Limited Quest, Rising Weapon Badge 5, Mission Badge:

8-year old game and they want to move onto a different Project I'm complaining like that I'm going to solve anything if you want them to even consider taking action be respectful

Yeah but no, I’ll give “respect” to a company that actually deserves it. I have spent thousands in this game and I am super frustrated to see SEGA shitting on my f2p friends, this is me being angry and frustrated at them and I love this game so much and I can’t turn a blind- eye from their bad moves, because I do not want to see this game die.

Anyways, new players still want to play the base game since there’s not much content happening in NG anyway. Also, they implemented an event last month to make people finish the base story ep 1- 6, so not exactly a sign of “moving-on” from an 8 year old game. I don’t see why they can’t re-introduce some of the UQs and LTQs for new players or returning ones even.

Also, your wording is poorly constructed, it gave me a hard time understanding what you are saying “I’m complaining like that, i’m going to solve anything”