NGS: A wasteland of potential.

In this post I would like to introduce myself as a long time SEGA fan, played pso on GC, PSU, PSO2, and now NGS. I'm no stranger to SEGA pushing releases early and producing a... less than admirable quality worth of product. As a long time fan of the Phantasy Star Franchise I'd like to express my distaste for how easily SEGA gets away with producing mediocre product. PSO2 launch was a disaster and took about 4 years to finally stabilize in terms of "Quality".

New Genesis had a much faster start and I'm thankful for progress that should've been standard to begin with. However, the quality of the game itself is abysmal. When I open a game I expect at least more than 3 things that I have immediate access to entertain myself. At this point in time SEGA has killing mobs, gathering... and collecting skill points... all of which has ZERO replay value.

Here's how that could change:

  1. The combat is very very well polished and feels great but It's boring as fuck, repetitive, and not fun when all you have is combat, and you continually bottleneck your players into fighting shit 24/7.

  2. You can glide and run fast, and parkour mountains, but there is ZERO consideration for how it might be fun. I don't know, some examples off the top of my head... GLIDING COURSES? RACING? JUMPING PUZZLES? Bam 3 good suggestions right there, though I would polish the overall movement system to be more fine tuned for that precision platforming, and we all know how FUN collecting skill points and doing those obstacle courses was in the Sheikah Shrines... I mean cocoons.

  3. No one likes gathering so make quests that give you materials, at least then you can introduce variety and players have more to do than just go out and farm those things, unless they choose to, then that is fine.

These are only a few things i think would make the game fun, and I am also aware that this game is "still in development" which is a crock of shit, because they have enough gall to ask players for money for their ungodly amounts of accessories and clothes from the PREVIOUS GAME.

NGS is still in the incubator (that's how I think), in 2 more years I imagine it will be a good game, or at least I hope so ?, so at least I still have expectations, but I do not consider it as a game yet:D

@Chantro I am honestly not that optimistic about it . Once a game has launched then it can't be changed too much , it gets too hard to do so and everyone knows it's a hard limit .

NGS was released too soon ; its character creator had pretty much nothing to work with and what little bit it had could and should have been better , there were no improvements to PSO2's personal shop , free to play player can still not list their items ( and while in PSO2 shop passes helped to mitigate this issue they are not a thing anymore nor is there any equivalent item for NGS ) which severely limits the money they can make to weeklies ( as well as dailies and reactors ) whereas a paying player can list whatever items they grind for or buy via AC scratches , this makes it so that after 2+ months since release the economy is completely broken already . Classes have few skills , only one or two of which are actually useful...which is the same issue PSO2 suffered from and they are unbalanced as usual . Enhancing , affixing and potentials are all very very expensive which makes no sense at this point in the game since people might want to try out various classes or new features such as multi-weapons , leveling takes way too long per each class and that grind makes no sense as well and it only serves to cover for the fact there's no content at all in this game yet . The lock on camera is still as bad as usual , the screenshots mode is still as bad as usual . Asking your players for money to buy NGS versions of outfits and items they already bought years ago in your previous game is scummy , seriously , just give them the remastered versions for free and release new stuff to sell instead . Gameplay wise there are little improvements over the original PSO2 ; sure , the transition between areas is nicer than boarding the ship every time and combat feels more flashy / graphics look better than a 2011 game in 2021 omg.... but that's honestly all there is to it and people rightfully expected more after 9 years worth of feedback and technology advancement , especially from a big developer like SEGA . Point shouldn't tell people to cross a bridge while you are building it . NGS was not ready . It will need some very very serious amounts of fixing and of additions before it feels like it is...and even then...there will be limitations to deal with now that the game was rushed out .

not all games are the same:D

Its a poor launch and with ever new Phantasy Star they release less and less. The cash flow is low and you could say this is balanced by the opportunity to get a the rare Fixa presets that are droped via RNG... however they don't drop enough to justify the rate and what you have to do to level and augment them within the system... meanwhile they poor into your inventory and take up a ton of space which is shared with PSO2's inventory which we've been given no hint of whether that stuff will be useful or not in NGS ever so you just sorta have to hold onto it and take up space.

Btw... the division between what is and isn't transferable is dumb. All the materials aren't used, the scape aren't used. You have no housing, etc... this all just dumb story wise, gameplay wise, and developmentally. There should be some way to convert the materials, scapes, etc. And with regard to the Aliance and Personal rooms, they shouldn't be locked out unless you go to classic. That's dumb. It makes me waste time teleporting x to y to z for no reason. The thing that allows me to go between x and y is the same place that allows me to go to z from y so x should let me go to z mechanically and why are you removing a feature like that? Even when the inevitable NGS exclusive rooms come they should just be another teleport location from the teleporter and shouldn't lock out the room for other game... also... the room ticket is locked out which dumb as well. And hopefully it doesn't indicate that Sega is going to try to make us pay twice for the same features.

That being said, my main complaint is that NGS is lacking content... and by content I mean story and quests. The story so far is "Hi you came from space. We don't know what's up but there's these things that also come from space and attack us. You've forgotten your memory, but hey your type is good at fighting those thing so come live with us and lets figure stuff out... Hey you should be in the army. BOOM. Hey we need to you to join the army with these people you barely know and please help us and protect us. Oh hey the guy who was supposed to help you learn the ropes is lost. Lets go find him! Congrats on finding him. We want you to go to a different city now." And you know what, that's fine and all for an opening. The problem is "hey help us" and there is no tasks to actually go help.

Alfin has more missions for you to do than all of Aelio Region has had for you to do. Sega needs to add in a whole bunch of side quests to make it feel alive, and not just make it a tutorial. That's what the first part was, the Region isn't supposed to be v.v Functions being locked out until you go on missions is also dumb unless there is a real story reason for it which there isn't and there just isn't story here.

Sega has removed lots of better ways of doing things in favor of streamlining some of it. It used to be in PSO2 you go through a zone and you can interact with a tablet which would give you a piece of story which made sense. A little difficult to see if you got everything, but it made the game more adventurous. They removed all of them, and gave some of them (i don't believe all) back via you just clicking a button, which while yay i can now know if I have all of them, I don't get the fun and excitement of discovering things in their proper context... oh and the story stuff isn't even in the right order in that menu option sigh Now with NGS they have removed characters with stories that you can interact with, team mates that you can call upon, etc. I don't care about Aelio so why would I care to protect anyone there at this point. I don't even spend enough time with the main characters that are being thrust upon me by the story to care about them. I can't take them out adventuring or anything like that nor do we get cutscenes that shows their story so its a lot harder to be attached to the world and game.

Along with the above also comes the fact that it becomes harder to level those other classes. You pretty much magically jump from 1 to 7 if you do what Sega wants you to and then you get stuck grinding levels and/or using the only significant exp to get ex-cubes which you need for crafting, to max your weapon so that's a disincentive as well. Having proper side missions and such would fix that problem.

Ultimately... the real issues with NGS and PSO2 for that matter, is that it is too Casual for Hardcore players and too Hardcore for Casual players and it is such in the wrong ways which annoys all sides. And some of the hardcoreness is not even being real hardcore, it's a matter of you are on a network based game which means you are going to lag and that's going to cause all those precisely timed elements to be very difficult to really pull off, but oh well. that's Sega and Phantasy Star for you... brilliant elements in mixed with a bunch of really really really bad elements that they think help them make money or be secure or whatever shrug