REd Double Saber - For Collection Sheet?

I have had two of them drop for me, but they are not showing up on my collection sheet as acquired. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

The behavior of collection sheet can sometimes be very confusing 😢

Two possibilities I can think of. The first case is, as the drop information says, only clearing expedition type quests counts towards the gauge and drops of Red Double Saber doesn't matter. The second case is that only Red Double Saber dropped in expedition quests counts. But if that's the case, the drop information should have some note about gauge only increase in expedition quests, so I think this case is less likely.

The following is the manual on collection sheets, but not very helpful in this case, I felt.

Probably, repeating expedition quests is the sure way to complete this gauge. I personally could do it in that way 🙂

I have the exact same problem. And as far as I understand it should actually count if it just drops randomly. The manual states this and also if talk to Prin ingame and ask about collections. So this seems to be a bug.