more poepel play Bless Unleashed that NGS!!!!?!!!!!

looks as more people like and play Bless Unleashed that ngs. if this not the ultimate weak up to sega and the players of ngs i don't know what will be.

No data, no evidence, just misspelled and poorly conveyed hearsay. Not trying to bring you down or anything, but you won't convince SEGA of anything like that.

no data? look up player numbers. what more you need? and what the hearasy here. its really sad to me that more play a shit game like Bless Unleashed that ngs on all its problems.

Then go play Bless Unleashed? What you trying to do here...

Despite it's disastrous first launch as Bless Online, they do have the name recognition and this time backed by Bandai Namco. It's a fresh reboot that just launched on PC last week, give it a month or two to see if it lives up to it's hype also. We know NGS didn't.

Threads like these I find completely unhelpful and provides nothing new.

@HarmlessSyan I want to show how sad ngs is, and i will never touch any ting Blass ever. i beater touch shit. by the way when did you started to be a sega fan boy?

Not a fan boy, been critical of SEGA before and even in that previous post I said NGS didn't live up to its hype.

But thread like this is pointless and points SEGA to no where or find anything to improve upon. There are tons of games doing better than NGS - pointing to a game that just re-launched last week that is still enjoying its launch boost does absolutely nothing. Just like saying NGS launched with nearly 60k players on Steam means nothing today.

Considering how badly blessed has been received in every single iteration, if you really think pso2 is on that level of bad I bet you can convince one of many tubers who specialize in making fun of terrible mmos to show everyone just how "bad" pso2 is. 😆

This post is deleted!

@Pok i do not say pso2 is as bad as Bless that's is my point. sega just dropped the ball to deep in to the shit and no longer interested in it. and no tubers who specialize in making fun of terrible mmos thing pso2 is bad just boring. hell even the pso2/ngs tuber cant say the game is in good place. even they say it in a really safe way, there nothing to do in game. the last addition of braver just show how in touch the devs at this point.

@samsaralotus Blessed Unleashed has more players than ff14, warframe and eso right now. It’s a terrible metric

@Pok as non play this games by steam for the most parts. waht more ff14 got no new content for some time

@samsaralotus Blessed technically hasn’t had new content in years as well inaddition to only just released on steam while it is on mobile and consoles already