[NGS} Classic PSO2 text display settings being reflected on NGS

Currently in NGS there are no settings to adjust text display settings such as these found in Classic PSO2:

Captura de tela 2021-08-12 194446.png

However, going back to a Classic PSO2 block and changing text display settings will also cause them to be reflected and changed on NGS side

How to reproduce:

  • In a NGS block, switch to a Classic PSO2 block

  • In the Classic PSO2 block, Go to System -> Options -> Game Settings -> Text Display Settings

  • Change any setting here such as the size of damage dealt text of the player character or Displays of EXP

  • Return to a NGS block

  • Text displayed will have been changed in accordance to Classic PSO2's Text display settings

I noticed this a while back myself. I hope they fix it by having the same options in NGS rather than forcing the defaults. I never liked the massive overlapping numbers of visual noise that is the default settings.