Augments "Floor potency" and "technique potency"

So as a force main / techter sub class and a main weapon rod. does having Weapon floor potency help? and does weapon floor potency affect the techniques or just normal attacks on rod? Should i only use Technique potency only and not use Weapon floor potency?

Techniques are affected by damage variance from the weapon. If you had to choose Potency Floor +2.5% or Technique +1% while using a weapon that is EXCLUSIVELY a technique weapon, you should take the +1% Technique. If the multiweapon was a mixed damage type, then the 2.5% potency floor is probably better if you actively use the abilities of the mixed weapon.

On a tangent now... Why sub Techter? The PB Boost isn't that good on Rod or Talis. It's AMAZING on Wand (and other melee options) but the Force bonuses are IMO better as a Techter/Force going either Wand/Rod or Wand/Talis. I do love that Rod counter though with Barta Blot or the Gifoie counters. If your goal is to be a "Pure" Force, then consider Gunner as a sub for the Active PP recovery since that pays out HUGE with the Talis Pillbox.

Te as a subclass allows you to move some SP from Force skill tree over to the Techter skill tree. Also with PP recovery Boost, Rod Weapon Action, PP Convert and Eradication PP gain you'll hardly need Pillbox for PP recovery. Also I'm not quite sure how faster PB is supposed to suck on Force considering Talis PB has the highest DPS in the game once you account for mainclass bonus which melee weapons lack when playing force (or Techter as a matter of fact).

                        Power Duration  DPS
Twin Dagger	        2750	210f	786
Launcher	        2175	170f	768
Bow	                3300	260f	762
Katana	                3040	240f	760
Knuckles	        2980	240f	745
Twin Machine Gun	3200	260f	738
Partisan	        3400	278f	734
Wired Lance	        3310	272f	730
Talis	                2880	240f	720 (792 mainclass)
Assault Rifle	        3250	276f	707
Double Saber	        3250	292f	668
Rod	                3200	288f	667 (733 mainclass)
Sword	                3620	330f	658
Wand	                3480	320f	653