Bug? N-Half Scape Doll being moved automatically to Material Storage

Specifically, when I use the "Move All to Material Storage" function at the terminal.

And when it is in material storage, it can't be used.

It wasn't like this before the last update.

Please either let it stay in our inventory, or please make it work from material storage.

known bug since launch


their solution is to tell you to go look in material storage

It really makes the batch move unusable.

Wait I only ran into this problem since two days ago and I've had the material storage since launch. Does that mean I've always just been able to get another one before I would need one again? Because I always use the Move All every time I'm back in Central.

Also, in the JP page, it refers to the N-Scape Doll, not the N-Half Scape Doll. 😞

Well it's been doing that for N-Half Scape Dolls for me also, been like that since launch

The following thread also seems to be related to this issue.


As commented in the thread, August 4 update changed that N-Half Scape Dolls can now be stored in the Material Storage (https://ngs.pso2.com/news/updates/announcement62862).

N-Half Scape Dolls can now be stored in Material Storage. 
*To use an N-Half Scape Doll, it must be in your Inventory. 

Also fortunately, global site had the translated version of the announcement HarmlessSyan mentioned (https://ngs.pso2.com/news/announcements/accampaogn202106172). This announcement is talking about N-Scape Dolls, not N-Half Scape Dolls.

We have received reports that N-Scape Dolls are sometimes disappearing from players’ Inventories.

Upon further investigation, we could not confirm that N-Scape Dolls disappear.

However, players are able to store N-Scape Dolls in their Material Storage, so please check your Material Storage if your N-Scape Dolls have disappeared.

Interestingly, they are not saying this as a bug. They investigated to conclude that there's no bug that makes N-Scape Dolls disappear, but they said players might find their N-Scape Dolls which was lost from their inventory in their Material Storage.

So probably, N-Scape Dolls has been handled in the same way from the launch. Can be stored in the Material Storage, and moved to there by the batch move. Now N-Half Scape Dolls are handled in the same way after the last update.

I personally don't use batch move, but feel the current behavior is definitely faulty.

It is really awful since it makes the batch move unusable.

Yeah. I can't understand why anyone with a brain...okay I'm sorry, let me rephrase that more courteously...why anyone on PSO2 team would even think about treating N-Scape Doll and N-Half Scape Doll as "material". Whoever made this decision obviously have never, ever, played PSO2 nor NGS before and whoever approved this need to be fired...okay no, I'm sorry, I shouldn't say that. Let me rephrase that...


These items can't be used while in Material Storage. There is absolutely no reason to leave them in storage during normal gameplay. Please fix.

  1. I've been avoiding batch move because of this issue.
  2. There should be a secluded space for all your (half-)scapes. Not in inventory, nor in storage.

Yep. This "design" baffles me as much as the PSE Level Downs. Just had a run in Labs where the PSE level kept going from 1 to 4 back down to 1 then to 4 then to 1 and so on, because people are not following markers.

The baffling design of PSE level downs plus dailies sending people who JUST DON"T CARE and want to do their dailies killing just any random mob they see, makes it painful to grind in this game. And yet this game is a grind game.

The more I play this game the less I feel like playing because of all these frustrations.