New Free to Play business model

I know there are few to none chances this happens but anyway. I played some F2P games. Sometimes I consider they are fair, sometimes their model is awful. Let's say it might also depends on the content the game offers, and how aggressive the F2P is.

PSO2, that arrived late in countries, was full of content. After 8 years, hundreds of hours, Mission Pass, tons of weapons/cloths/whatever to unlock. However, I hate the AC Scratch Tickets because I hate lootboxes in every games, as I hate paying for RNG things as I don't know what I pay for except "chance to unlock what you want". I never want to pay insane amount of money for "chances to unlock", and the player market system is not for me, even if I used it time to time to buy something I wanted. To be honest, I tried once to buy AC Tickets... never again. Only useless things I don't need or male clothes whereas I play a girl. Dudes...

PSO2NGS is a newborn. Ok we get it. Content is poor, so many PSO2 Systems are gone, less everything everywhere, to the point I wonder why NGS is even already a thing. Obviously that's a Beta, relying on selling tons of AC Scratch Tickets with many "new versions" of things I have. For now, everything is wrong in the game for me, beyond the idea of a more Open World.

My point is then to suggest making something more appealing and fair. And for me, this means Warframe. Warframe is free, exists for years, had kind of lootboxes a long time ago but not anymore, and they make money. You can unlock new Warframes/Weapons by playing, including Prime Warframes/Weapons, you can trade parts, and if you don't want to do so, you can buy them with their Platinum currency. You can even buy approved Tennogen content, made by players/artists. By the end, you know what you buy, and you buy want you want.

I get it there are players who love AC Tickets, and don't know if NGS would make more money by being fair instead of immensely greedy, with new AC every weeks... every weeks. Moreover, the Mission Pass is gone, whereas it was the only thing showing you what you get by playing, not buying tickets, playing. For players like me, I can only assure you I will never spend money in AC Tickets. I bought the NieR Automata Pack for PSO2 because I like NieR Games (and 2B ^^), and I knew what I was paying for. I would gladly support NGS by buying content that is not random (depending on the price), so maybe you can think about it, play Warframe, and see what is a fair game rewarding playing more than paying.

The End.

@Dark-Inquisitor Dude I'm just gonna say this but Warframe doesn't respect it's playerbase since both games (NGS and Warframe) treat their player bases really badly, but DE a lot of the time doesn't listen to the players that criticize their game for such as not having end game, replayable content, nerfing stuff doesn't need to be nerf in the first place, and having no sense of progression.

Also DE had controversies that they had been called out for doing, like for example with the region chat debacle with the mods and of course that one time they went bananas when Rahetalius made that critique video on them.

and don't get me started with Warframe's love of using grind just make you impatient to the point that you just want to buy the stuff you want from the marketplace aka the cashshop. however it's true you can trade Prime parts on trade chat and make plat that other people payed from there. also Warframe still has lootboxes in the form of reilcs in order to get the prime parts but you grind that to get them despite the reilcs dont need microtransactions inorder to open them.

Tho Warframe is a good game, but you don't need to praise it like it's the one game that all free to play games need to follow in it's footsteps.

Why not make suggestions on how you would be better implement stuff

@TheLamp5 I got your point and I do not say Warframe is perfect. What I say is that playing Warframe allows me to unlock almost everything. I got almost all Primes, and never paid for a single pack they sell for an insane amount of euros. I never had to grind that much to obtain them, and rarely had to trade for missing parts. Maybe I am lucky but my point is mainly saying "you play, you gain".

Almost the same goes for the basic Warframes. However, I agree that the last ones are more difficult to obtain than old ones but this is where I gladly support Warframe, a game I put almost 1700h in, by buying the most expensive Platinum pack, but ONLY when I got the 70% discount on login (otherwise its price is also insane) and ONLY once or twice a year (means 45€ each time), which gives me far enough Plat to get the Warframes I really want without grinding.

Despite not being perfect, Warframe allows me to unlock Warframes and weapons and others by playing. What we have now in NGS by playing, is almost nothing. Few SG that gives sometimes something you want... sometimes. What I expect at worst, is to have quests that gives me rewards I know they will interest me. Not random systems almost everywhere. Just starting by adding back the Mission Pass could be, for me, a good start, as I know what it offers, which means sometimes I buy its ticket, sometimes I don't.

Then, NGS should remove as much as possible the AC Tickets as this is pure RNG. Nothing more than lootboxes everywhere and as said, I will never pay for lootboxes as I hate this system. I want to know what I buy, and don't want to spend 100€ to get random stuff and maybe, what I really want. Even in Fortnite you know what you are paying for. Buy a Season Pass, unlock stuff and VBucks, buy skins/gliders/whatever but never hope for something good after spending hundreds of euros. That does not make Fortnite perfect as they sell tons of skins all the time and you will fast run short with your VBucks, even by playing the PvE Mode (if you have the old version like me, that stills was giving VBucks when I was playing Fortnite), but anyway, you know what you buy.

That would be a huge improvement for me if NGS can get rid of its AC/SG Tickets to allow us to buy what we want, without having to spend hundreds of euros in lootboxes, then resell on the Player Market hoping to make millions, to buy the stuff we want for other millions. As said, I bought NieR "2B Pack" to support PSO2, and once some AC Tickets for test purpose. Like Warframe and other games (not always free), I would be glad to support NGS if they sell good content I want and I know I can obtain without relying on luck, then Player Market.

I am surprised this didn’t get more discussion traffic. Let see what happens now that I am here. Let see if I can get some movement on this suggestion.

Why not make some bullet points in the top post of suggestions of what to change and or what to add

As long as it is fair for Sega and premium players! I say this because Sega has employees who depend on the revenues for a proper living and premium players support the game development for a much more for feeling experience. Which is a hard thing to balance when free to play players are in the mix but if balanced correctly! Very successful platform it will be. I have no suggestion because I would not even know where to begin!

But I encourage you to try!