Salon Save Data Bug

Hey everyone, I've been having save data issues in NGS for quite some time. I'll try to detail the issues. I want to see if anyone else are having these problems.

  1. On one account, I have every save data file used. Some days when I log in, they are completely gone.
  2. On a second account, I do not have every save data file used, but the same happens as 1. In the past, after waiting a couple days, my save data would return. I would NOT save anything during the days when my save data was 'gone.' HOWEVER:

The above bug happened again. I decided on account number 2 to save data in files I knew were not in use while the bug was occurring. As of today, my original save data has not returned, and the save data I created while the 'bug' was in effect has remained.

BUT, now my data from my second account has somehow overwritten my save data from account number 1. Account number 1 now only has the 'new' save data from account number 2.

What is going on here? I will try to wait a couple days but I just lost EVERY original save data I had for account number 1. I spend almost half of my time in the salon (lol) so I have just lost countless hours of time. I feel so defeated.

Has anyone else been having salon issues?

Ugh. Looks like this problem gets even messier.

I logged onto Account 1 under a certain character (I have 4), lets say 'A1'. When going to the Salon, A1 did not have any of the original save data from Account 1 and instead had the save data from Account 2, much like I detailed in my original post.


I logged into a different character on Account 1, lets say 'B1' to see if the bug persisted. And it did not. Furthermore, my original save data from Account 1 had returned and the bug of 'no save data' was gone. So now, B1 can go to the salon and see every save data I created for Account 1, and none of the save data from Account 2.

Things are out of whack, and so I will take some time today to verify a couple things:

  1. If the save data disappearance bug is still going on. I will check Account 1 and Account 2 on all characters. (4 characters on Account 1, and 1 on Account 2)
  2. I will see if the salon save data overwriting bug is occurring, if at all, on each character. So far, Account 1 A1 and Account 2 has had the save data overwritten, and Account 1 B1 is is fine.

This is such a mess. It will be ever worse if the status fluctuates.

For those wondering, I am on Xbox One and am using an External SSD for my save data.

I have taken some time to do several tests over my accounts to try and troubleshoot the issue. It seems there are separate issues occurring, and I will detail them to the best of my ability. If you are an Xbox user experiencing something similar to what I have specified above, here is what I have found:

The First Issue: Salon Save Data 'overwriting' between different accounts:

  1. The account you sign into on your xbox, when you load in, will have its save data displayed correctly when in game. If I sign into Account 1, and log onto a character on Account 1, then I will see Account 1 salon save data.

  2. If you decide to log out of Account 1, but you stay in the game and sign onto a different account on the NGS homescreen, then Account 1 save data will be displayed instead of the account you log into.

Thus, if I log into Account 1 and load NGS, but then decide to log out and log into Account 2 while still in NGS/ the NGS homescreen, save data from Account 1 will appear in Account 2. This happens for any account I decide to log into first (so if I signed into Account 2 first and then switched to Account 1 while still in NGS, the above happens as well).

  1. To solve the above issue, when you want to switch profiles, completely exit NGS and quit the game by pressing the back or select button on the NGS icon while on the Xbox homescreen.

If you are logged onto Account 1 and want to go to Account 2, simply fully exit NGS to the Xbox homescreen and select 'quit' after pressing the back button on the controller while hovering over the NGS menu icon. Then, switch accounts while on the homescreen and reload NGS. Salon save data will not be replaced, and your account save data will display correctly.

The 2nd Issue: No Salon Save Data, or Salon Save Data 'disappearing':

  1. For some reason, from Sunday evening PST to Wednesday midday PST, salon save data sometimes completely disappears. This time frame is a general estimate. This occurs irrespective of the above salon save data bug.

I wanted to wait a week to see if the problem persisted as it had in the past, and it did. After Wednesday, my 'blank' or 'disappeared' salon save data returns on both accounts if I don't save anything during the time when no salon dave data is displayed.

Thus, when you log into any account on NGS during a certain time period (I'm guessing around the days/time when maintenance is scheduled) then your save data might appear blank, or lost. In time, it will reappear.

  1. HOWEVER. PLEASE BE WARNED: There was a singular instance where my save data 'disappeared' for good. As I detailed in my previous post, there was a timeframe before maintenance where my save data 'disappeared' but I decided to use the salon anyway and saved a new creation in a file I knew I hadn't used previously. My (incorrect) assumption was that if/when my original save data returned, then the save data I had just made would be filed alongside the old data.

I was wrong. My old save data has NEVER returned. Instead, only the things I have saved from the time I saved in a new slot 'til now are displayed when I log into NGS correctly.

To detail: On Account 2, I had save data that 'disappeared' and each slot went blank. Before waiting for it to return (as I did not know at the time if it would ever return), I decided to save a new look in the completely blank list of salon save data slots. The original salon save data from Account 2 has not returned, and instead only save data I have made since then are displayed. This new data, even if it 'disappears' and then 'reappears,' is the data that is now on Account 2.

I do not know if the save data will return (as it hasn't yet), so please be careful if you find your salon save data to be blank. Do not save new Salon save data when the data has 'disappeared.' Just wait a few days and it will probably return.

Let me know if you are experiencing similar issues and I will try to help.