N-Meseta Earned +50% but not really?

I'm confused as to how this is going to work. I've seen nothing yet hinting at this effect being... in effect. Where is it supposed to be +50%? Nothing so far has changed - quest rewards, Trial rewards, selling items, etc. It's supposed to be starting August 11th (today) right?

Seems to only affect direct meseta drops. They're up to 18 a pop instead of 12.

It is bugged in North Aelio though and doesn't seem to be in effect there.

@Zoe Oh so thats it? Was expecting something more... beneficial. 6 meseta bonus woohoo. Would achieve the same thing breaking green boxes and selling N-Grinder. Utter dissapointment. Thanks for clarifying things up though.


Probably being overly cautious what with how volatile the market is atm thanks to RMT/red boxing. They just added in a fair amount of guaranteed meseta with more weeklies. So they're probably trying to not nuke the market harder.