Hey new here but I wanted to recommend expanding the keybindings for this game. Currently, there are keys that are bound that cannot be unbound or changed that interfere with the personalization of the player. There are various things that should be fixed for keybindings. Example:

  • I set (Quick Menu) keybind to (P) on the config settings.
  • Set my call spal to num 1 - 9 in shortcuts area. *Accidentally hit shift + num1 during battle and my quick menu popped up. *Investigated and found out (end) key is auto bound to quick menu.

After looking and looking I have not found a way to unbind the end key. I would have assumed that rebinding my quick menu to P would have done the trick however, it seems this is a setting we cannot control. I cannot even find a config file with my key bindings so I can try to disable it there. Here are some other ideas for revamping your key config.


  • Allow macro /mpal# /spal# for chat shortcuts to simultaneously change both weapon and sub pallet at the same time. Currently you have to input the button twice to make both change. This allows for custom weapon / pallet setups that can be transitioned to seamlessly while stationary. (Although I don't know why it has to be stationary). I don't see how this would be game breaking.

Bind Options

  • Let us manually decide how to bind our sub-pallet slots. OR let us have the ability to utilize the macro above.

  • Allow Lalt / Lctl to be bound to either specific single button functions (such as dodge or dash) AND OR allow us to use them as key shift modifiers EXAMPLE assigning subpallet slots activation to 1-0 and then assign switch Weapon/Sub pallet to Lalt 1-0 or Lctl 1-0

  • Allow dash to be keybound! I don't like the double tap/hold setup as it can be dicey to pull off sometimes. When I could easily use Lalt or Lctl or hell, even rebind shift for the sprint. This would give us much more control over our movement.

  • Allow target enemy / previous target to be bound to mouse roller. Roll forward to target roll back to previous target. Much easier than the current setup.

Honestly, just free up our ability to keybind better. And while I appreciate the ability to change both weapon and sub pallets individually. I think many like me would like to see some way were we can swap both at the same time. Even if you put a "lock pallets numerically" feature. That way weapon pal 1 and sub pal 1 are locked and bound to one key... then 2... 3 and so on. It just makes more sense.