[NGS] Fake PSE Burst indicators

I was having problems being unable to move to a Rank 2 room (teleporting to ryuker just kept loading me in a Rank 1 room/block) and when I was finally able to leave that room/block a PSE activated at the same time.

After getting PSE burst in the new block/room, it resulted in there being two PSE icons, with the fake one never going away. I also couldn't see Trial icons or anything else

alt text

After PSE

alt text

I have had the same happen to me. During a storm, I was trying to find a populated room that had the PSE meter non-activated so that I could be there for the initiation of a PSE for my weekly meseta rewards. I went to 4 different rooms and each, in turn, already had a PSE going on; the 4 PSE icons remained even when I left the area and went to another part of the map, including Central City. Only reloading my game solved the issue.

It seems that if you leave a room while a PSE is ongoing, there is a chance that the icon remains. I have tried doing this on other occasions to see if I could replicate the issue, but the PSE icon does not always remain. There might be something else to this bug.