Only equip one camo?

Why can I only equip one weapon camo? I have a katana and bow camo but for some reason I can only use one at a time, why can’t I use them both? Am I doing something wrong?

You can only equip one weapon camo at any given time. Many camos cover multiple weapon types for precisely this reason.

@Ilúvatar ah damn that’s a lil odd

@Ilúvatar ty anyway

You can use chat macros, it is almost mandatory to know chat macros later btw (if want to switch weapon midfight). here are some examples: /mpal2 /spal2 /cmf *camo_name first command is your weapon (weapon 2), second command is subpallet (sub2) and last is your camo. This is just a hint, is better to see a video about it. You can change your outfit for each weapon instantly too, for really high flex capabilities.

@Apavoristico said in Only equip one camo?:

(if want to switch weapon midfight)

You use the scroll wheel or d-pad for that...