Name: MelioraSky

Leader: SantaDes #4351 (Discord) ReinaXlot (Character Name, Block 16, Central City) (PM me if you would like to join. If I am not around in game, ask around for the other members.

Type: Casual/Social (We're mostly on chatting, but we do play time to time, due to lack of contents)

Active Timezone(s): Mostly are on BST(GMT+1), but everyone is welcome to join.

Alliance Requirements: Active ( at least 3-4hrs of login per day ). You can join even if you are a newbie or veteran.

Alliance Description: A small alliance made to make friends and have fun with each other. We are very willing to help people who are new to the game or haven touched pso2 for a very long time, to get used to the game. We're just looking forward to make friends with you.. Join us if you are thinking the same too. Not everyone will be online PSO2NGS 24/7, but we'll be on discord if we are needed.