In-game Currency Converter

Can we get a currency converter for N-Meseta and base Meseta? It'd be nice rather than having force someone to play and progress in base PSO2 from ZERO just so they can buy some Cast Parts and Outfits from base PSO2. Or maybe at least make Cast Parts and Outfits fro base PSO2 sellable in NGS.

Never going to happen because it'll break the in-game economy people have billions upon billions in base game

I guess the OP is just suggesting N-Meseta to Meseta conversion, not the opposite. Probably that conversion won't do much harm to the economy.

How would you transfer money from 1000 years in the future?

I wouldn't as it would actually destroy the economy

@Weirdo The same way everything was sent to the future: magical photon ass pull.

@Drakaina The battered remains of PSO2 economy are beyond saving. There's nothing left to destroy.

@Yggranya Hahahaha! I couldn't have said it any better. XD