My level 72 force is gone and my high level braver is unuseable,

Screenshot 2021-08-09 141805.png

So before I messed with it this is what it said after that my level 70~ force got reset to a level 1 force. Im kinda pissed as the reddit and discord have been no help. Can I get my character back? And can I get my braver back as well or are they just lost?

Im on steam ask any questions I would be happy to answer them. And to clarify Wannabe was a high level force that got reset to 1

You just have to clear the NGS tutorial up to the point where you unlock the teleporter, then you will be able to freely switch between PSO2 and NGS and all your old stuff will be waiting for you. (note you will have to do this for each character, as for the first part of the tutorial, you only need to do that once and you can skip it with your alts)