Class points gone

Hello, when I have upgraded my multiweapon (unlock potential to lvl 2) all my class skill points has gone. I have now 0/0 class points. Main class Force lvl 13.

Check your skill window again. What do your skills look like?

The most likely reason you see "0/0" on your skill window is because you've used all your available skill points. The line at the bottom is an indication of how many unused skill points you have versus how many skill points you're about to use. If you've used up all your available skill points, seeing "0/0" on the bottom is normal.

skill window

If I were to go to a class skill tree for a class I haven't used yet, it will show me "20/0" because I still have all 20 skill points unused for that class.

In other words, your skill points should be okay. If there's something wrong such a skill you suddenly can't use with your multi-weapon that would be for someone that has more experience using multi-weapons than I do.