Lost and Found Loot vendor

Hello PSO2 NGS I was wondering if we could get an in game lost and found vendor when our inventory is full I think this is a good idea because we lost item when our inventory is full and sometimes you don't realize your inventory is full so having an lost in found for loot would help so we don't lose the items on the field

They do have a drop storage you can access from any regular storage device (including ryuker IIRC).

It can hold 150 items that you may have automatically picked up with a full inventory.

@Zoe does it work on the go? You can access your entire ‘pc’ storage just walking around free roam or even mid way through an UQ now.

Yeah you can access your drop storage on the go. Just open up your item menu, go up to the top where it says inventory, a box on the right appears showing all your various storage’s, select drop storage, then you can convert to cash, withdraw to inventory or move to another storage. Items only go into your drop storage when your inventory is full though

The game also warns you when your inventory is almost full as well.