A romance / wedding or whatever you want to call it for new Genesis

Where you can have a bond with another player which gives you certain benefits when playing together

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which gives you certain benefits

Ah, the true reason. I can already see the "marriage partner" thread that this would create where people look for friends with benefits.

That would be fun! All of my friends got married with each other for the teleporting ring. My husband and I had a little game wedding, too and it was a pretty cool experience because not everyone we knew could attend our irl wedding from across the country. I would love something like this, heck, we got the wedding scratch, let's do this!

I was just telling a friend the other day when we we're talking about which "Space Waifu" we prefer and I was saying if the story mode in PSO2 had elements of a dating sim sprinkled into it I'd find it more engaging than just standing around like a plank in most of these cutscenes.

Ideas in mind is in certain cutscenes we talk to characters who may ask us questions that may give or take 🎁 points from their Partner Card, and that depending on how much they like us change their dialogue around us. Like if we had negative points they practically hate us or maybe cutscenes involving them are substituted to other characters because they're avoiding us or something.

Still this is more of an idea if there will ever be a "PSO3" or a "PSU2" given I know they can't change the PSO2 story now over it. At times I just felt the story was shipping me towards Matoi when really we're just walking in the shoes of Ash, the canon Guardian of ARKS.

Cool idea.....unique and I hope Sega implements this concept.

Yeah, I know PSO2 was made before such games as TellTales' Walking Dead, Until Dawn or Hogwarts Mystery, games that have elaborate decision making that alters the outcome of the story... it's just in PSO2 story I just felt like I was standing there most of the time like a wooden cutout. That whenever the story asks me for my oppinions or decisions it give me two responses to choose from that have the same answers.

I believe when it comes to video games that offer you to play as a customizable character, complexity is required for lack characteristics. That way the player can shape that complexity to how they wish there character to be, thus be customized on the inside as well the outside. The story can still keep them in reasonable bounds such as they have to be an ARKS operative, they have to be good guys and they have to be the Guardian. But it be interesting if the players can actually end up making various NPCs (such as each Council Six members, or the NPCs that start orbiting around you) either like, resent or hate you, or the story will offer alternative objectives due to choices you made.

Still doesn't matter now given PSO2 is fairly dated and I doubt New Genesis will make you choose between Aina or Mannon to go to Space Prom.

Wow... this is reaching Maplestory/Skyrim levels. I can image the AC,SG and/or N-meseta cost for... everything. And what about divorces 😥, or widow 👻 effects. Sega! Making this happen please 😂.

can we get pretty boy npc's... I miss

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can we get pretty boy npc's... I miss

Zeno seems more like a chad then a pretty boy (more so in the anime). I just realized that there aren't that many chads 💪 in NGS outside of character creation 🤷.

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Wow... this is reaching Maplestory/Skyrim levels. I can image the AC,SG and/or N-meseta cost for... everything. And what about divorces 😥, or widow 👻 effects. Sega! Making this happen please 😂.

All of that would be cool.......different concept. Not many game have those type of immersion/Emersion not sure what the correct wording.

Have any of you play Fable 3 in short depending on where and how much pay for the wedding depends on the buffs ( permanent until cancellation ) can either be done with gold SG or AC

@Drakaina I have all of the fables and you mean meseta

Oh yeah I know I just don't remember how to spell it

I feel like I've seen a thread with a similar topic last year.

If those benefits are things like mats for the Weapon Lab then I don't see a problem with it. If it's an RDR and EXP boost, then I'd rather have the party Triboost back.

Buying the wedding scratch tickets would make more sense and give a real purpose to the outfit. Not to mention to community roll playing!