Please replace the NGS Announcer with Mark "Deacadriver" Okita

The new announcer added with the Braver patch isn't very good frankly. Especially in contrast to Tetsuya Kakihara as the announcer in PSO2. People seemed to like Otika's broken English in the NGS trailer he voiced over and coincidentally he also did the announcer for a King of Fighters game (KoF being a franchise beloved for its broken English in older games (R.U.O.K.? BUSTA WUFF! I STRAIN MY HANDS... WITH YUR BRUH! PREDICTABO!)) so he has experience for the role besides the Decadriver.

Honestly when I heard his voice in the trailer I thought for sure was going to be him to begin with because of how cutrually important Kamen Rider is in Japan and we already had Tetsuya Kakihara who voiced Simon in Gurren Lagann ( along with a bunch of other anime and game roles) in PSO2.

The NGS announcer really is a let down for sure.

There'll never be any progress if they keep recycling the same people or put someone trying their very best to copy the same person and shove them into everything. Nostalgia is eating away at the gaming industry.

The voice announcer does not suit the the situation

It sounds like the voice from a child game a voice that wouldn't fight in the children

There's no effort behind it no effort to make it sound exciting or endangering just mediocre voice that you will wouldn't be able to pick out from a crowd

Even Peter Dinklage who voiced the ghost in destiny ( until it was redubbed by Nolan North which honestly sounds worse in my opinion ) Peter Dinklage had more effort Behind The Voice for the ghost than this voice I made a recommendation saying why don't we get different announcers covering everything from all the voice actors in the game all collaboration voices and some more like GLaDOS

They just lack the energy and impact that an announcer should have in the situation.