GameGuard help

Could someone please explain what the general guide to solving GameGuard issues is? I've been troubleshooting GameGuard for a while now but it's not really helping. I'm on Windows 10, 64-bit. I've been told to try disabling my firewalls, or whitelist the GameGuard folder (doesn't seem like I can do that with my antivirus program, it only whitelists exe/dll/jar files), or re-verify the game local files on Steam.

I don't even know what my error code is. It's just been stuck in the 'Retry' phase over and over again. I can only guess this happens when GameGuard is updating but it keeps failing.

This is the second time it's happened in the past few weeks and last time I had to re-install PSO2NGS in its entirety over the stretch of 8+ hours. Steam just decided right now to reinstall the game, 82 gigs worth.

if its stuck in the retry that means GameGuard is being blocked by the firewall and is not letting connect to their servers or could be a corrupt file that is not being updated, the second one is more common to happen and can be solved easily by just deleting the GameGuard folder