The game is a complete joke

I cannot login into the base PSO2 and having the need to restart the game 2 times because of: Game crashing when initiating base PSO2 loading screen, game gets stuck on fucking black screen when attempting to get into base PSO2, or getting the "Communications with the servers has been lost" or something like that error out of the blue.

What a complete joke, the game is full of bugs, crashes and performance issues with the constant lag spikes (And It's not my PC, my PC is good enough to handle the game tech-wise)

Why SEGA didnt test the game for any bugs, crashes and performance issues before releasing NGS? FFS.

I never had any of these issues, what version of windows are you running? Where are you running the game from?

Zenchi, these are well-known issues with outerwear/costumes not letting you enter base pso2. These have been known by sega for over a month and still not fixed...

As for the current solution: Equip/Unequip/Change Outerwear or Costume in NGS salon. This should let you connect to pso2.

Known issue since NGS launch, at least on the JP client - they claimed they have fixed it this last update

It's pretty wonky, sometimes a character goes over without having to change anything, sometimes runs into unable to connect to server errors. If you are having issues with certain characters, try logging into NGS and removing your outfit - back to default basewear/no outfit or outerwear.

I have this problem, too. It's stupid we still have to work around the problem ourselves.

I still haven't found a fix yet for base PSO2 crashing everytime I start the game, other than having to restart the game so that it will finally get me in. Am I missing something?

@Tetradotoxin A better game to play, clearly.