Reminder: Versus Annihilation ends August 11th! [Gone!]

The last of the horrid pre-NGS Global SG scratches finally departs on Wednesday morning.

Versus Annihilation Ticket

Many players from before NGS would have received a free Versus Annihilation Ticket from the Global Anniversary Event for completing 7 Recommended Quests during the campaign period.


If you kept hold of that at the time to see what would happen with the (now known) future of PSO2 SG scratches, make sure to use it to claim a prize of choice! If the set expires and you haven't, you'll miss your chance!

Scratch prizes unique to Versus Annihilation

The permanent SG Collection scratch has most of the items in Versus Annihilation, including all old-physique body customisations, accessories, all weapon camos, the only furnishing, the only scenery pass, all music discs and all emotes.

It also has the base colour of all outfits and layered wear, and four of the five hairstyles. The following are what it doesn't have, so if you're looking for items that will disappear forever here's your list:

Outerwear (Original is in SG Collection, but could be colour-changed)

With the exception of Silence Lied, the original colour for all of these available in SG Collection is white.

  • Kotoshiro Guardian [Ou] in grey, crimson and navy
  • Varuna's Attire [Ou] in grey, crimson and navy
  • Silence Lied [Ou] in dark crimson, very light grey and dark grey
  • Sukunahime Divine [Ou] in dark grey and light grey
  • Shiva's Attire [Ou] in grey, very dark crimson and navy
  • Mitra's Attire [Ou] in grey, very dark crimson and navy

(I'll edit this post to provide swatches so anyone who wants to accurately recreate these colours using SG Collection default-colour versions can, but the forum is having issues with uploading images at the moment.)

Outfits and layered wear (Only original is in SG Collection; cannot be colour-changed)

  • Kotoshiro Guardian: Snow/Ruby/Night [Ba]
  • Varuna's Attire: Shadow/Ruby/Night [Ba]
  • Varuna's Attire: Snow/Ruby/Night [In]
  • Omnis Renato: Ruby/Shadow/Snow
  • Silence Lied: Ruby/Shadow/Snow [Ba]
  • Silence Lied: Ruby/Snow/Steel [In]
  • Sukunahime Divine: Shadow/Steel [Ba]
  • Shiva's Attire: Shadow/Ruby/Night [Ba]
  • Shiva's Attire: Steel/Ruby/Night [In]
  • Mitra's Attire: Shadow/Ruby/Night [Ba]
  • Mitra's Attire: Steel/Ruby/Night [In]


  • Ulku Hair 2

Scratch Count Bonus

Versus Annihilation was unique among the Global SG Scratches as it had a few items unique to scratch count bonuses and these are also unique to Versus Annihilation:

  • 10: Aldina Hair (Note this is also tradable on player shops)
  • 20: *Eschaton Ritavlata
  • 30: 639: Varuna Pose

If you want these, you'll need to scratch the required number of times to be awarded them.

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Aaand it's gone! Goodbye base PSO2 Global limited SG scratch, you won't be missed.