Alliance improvements

As alright now both in base game and in new Genesis I feel like the alliance is extremely lacking and could do with some massive updated features

What is your opinion on the matter and what are your suggestions

I have made previous suggestions about updating the alliance itself and the alliance command and roles

Soon those links will be blue

But to massive ones I can see them adding

  • Alliance Quest
  • Alliance combat and exploration zones
  • Alliance central City ( or any other hub )

I would like that there would be a HQ for alliances that could be customized. That each member has their own room there and that can be adjusted. (Would require furniture again) A teleporter to raid areas that can then only be approached internally in Allianz and would then also be more difficult than the normal version, where there would be better loot and exclusive fashion. Challenge mode Battle tower with X levels.

For the Allianz list, it would be nice if you could see who was last online when.