NGS Social changes and options

Copied from my post in another thread to here in hopes these specific items get considered.

In light of all thats been happening with the social aspect of PSO2 since the launch of NGS, both RMT and for streamers, I think these changes need to be done for the social system.

    • Chat Required player settable Options
      • Turn off individual chat channels displayed in the All tab (in PSO2)
      • Change options for individual chat bubbles from chat channels
        • Proximity only or completely off
      • Turn off whisper sounds (with or without them being displayed)
    • Chat Required gating (Likely unpopular opinion here)
      • Restrict area and whisper chat until completion of Nogaleth quest (Aina’s Resolve?)
        • I believe much of the headache from this can be resolved by creating groups. Obviously to combat RMT spamming.
    • Symbol Art Required changes (same for any custom stamps if ever possible)
      • Add Symbol art rating system (ESRB type system)
        • Family friendly/SFW
        • NSFW
        • Possible ‘Ecchi’ rating as panty shots are also too much for some (though partial nudity falls within the games ESRB)
        • Not Allowed at all (RMT and other) – Reject the SA and inform the customer why it was rejected.
      • Add Symbol art review system
        • When A symbol art is added by a player through their client, they should be manually reviewed by a responsible adult and tagged with what type it is as shown above before they can be displayed and thusly added to the histories of others that are in the area to see it.
      • Add symbol arts reception options
        • Check box to enable or disable the view, display message, and display sound of Symbol Art rated as NSFW and/or echhi
          • Additional control to enable or disable Any specific rating of symbol art by chat channel (all, area, party, alliance, group, whisper)
    • Phasion display changes (questionable need but…)
      • Apply a rating Basewear, Setwear, or outfits based on the level of lewdness exerting from the item (Both new NGS and prior PSO2 items)
      • Add game options to allow players to turn off “too lewd” outfits and instead show a Default NGS setwear available at the start of the game on the opposing character.

Previous Options Thread

Had pretty much the same ideas, but simplified. (because budget and code constraints are a popular excuse)

@AngryRhombus563 When I was more active on these forums (took a break because Discord was easier to jump on and use) I advocated for many of these same features, among many others, to give players more freedom, as well as more control over the content they were viewing, so that a vast majority of players otherwise at odds and sitting on opposing views, could all be made more happy with what they were seeing in game. So I'm throwing in my support for this whole setup. (Might throw in some critiques other ideas later, kind of mentally drained at the moment though) Overall, I like most of what's said here.

I don't think Symbol Arts need a rating, just an Approved or Denied. I don't think Area chat should be disabled for too long, since it could get in the way of players asking for help. Whisper restrictions should be bypassed for those who are friends. There should also be conditions to unlock chat in the base game, and fulfilling those conditions there should also unlock chat in NGS. I don't like the fashion idea, since fashion is an important aspect of the game. Sure, there are revealing outfits that aren't cute that neither I nor my character would wear, but they may look fine on someone else's character. I absolutely do not want Symbol Arts to be brought back without some changes, as I am tired of seeing (full) nudity and worse. Not to mention they violate the ToS.

@sonic65101 They do need a rating, so things that are too much for the sensitive can be appropriately tagged so the option will keep it out of view and simultaneously block RMT SA from ever being added.

I'll go on to reiterate that the changes they made to SA were never because of NSFW SA. Anyone that puts 2 and 2 together can tell it was made because RMT started using SA post NGS launch for advertisement. The suggestions I made merely tackle the side of it that was actually a non-issue particularly for the entire time SA was a thing since it was introduced to JP PSO2 more than 8 years ago, and further thing when it came to global up until NGS launched and RMT ran rampant. They didnt suddenly start caring after over 9 years.

And because JP service has a better hold on RMT activity, they never needed to disable their SA to area chat.