[ship 4]welcome to join us

Alliance Name: Disneyland

About us: We're a Casual alliance. our alliance block in NGS is Aelio 18. we are a drama free alliance no drama allowed, we help people in the best way we can. We did have some up's and down's with the alliance but we are still going strong. the alliance was made to just bring players together and build a chill and fun gaming community, To help each other out and just enjoy playing whether you're a lone wolf player, or a team player.

Requirements to join: Must be in Ship 04

Have Player ID Name changed so it's not numbers

Our discord is: https://discord.gg/NHtna4Cm6h

If im not on when you want to join the alliance try contacting me on discord .Try joining the discord link above and say something me will get on and invite you to the alliance as soon as we can. alt text