The weapon Camo Liberation should include swords and Paritzan!

The best camo in the game (Liberation) should or I personally would like for it to include swords and Paritzan! 🙏 pretty please! Also can you change it to include purple effects! Pretty please 🥺! Dark Themed i guess. Gothic would get a pass aswell i believe.We could also go for "Demonic" given the Aura.

Yeah I think that they just need to redo weapons for the classes because I have the same complaint

An argument people like to use is that weapon can't be used for this is not realistic

And I always say this is a fantasy game I don't care about realism

We already have stupid weapon camos for pretty much every weapon

Body pillows candy canes ect

And there are some weapons that should just work with with other classes and weapons but they don't they need to adjust it and make it so we're all bladed camos work with all bladed weapons

Because I have the Sephiroth sword ( I will adjust it to the real name when I get on)

Which is a giant Katana but it can only be used for the sword

I would also like to be able to adjust the weapon sheath position

Can We get a GM acknowledgement?! Please!?

When the last time this part of the forums has gotten reviewed by upper management?