What I've Been Playing Lately

I've been pretty bored with the content drought of NGS so far, and Braver didn't really impress me, so I've been looking for other games for a while. I didn't have anything else to play during this time so the content drought was a big issue for me.

The game seems interesting to me so far is Closers (which is on Steam). I like how they handle all the different attacks the characters use on controllers, where you can assign a lot of different abilities at once using combinations of the trigger buttons and the letter/symbol buttons.

I kinda wish NGS kept more photon arts and gave the option to do something like this so that we could use much more of them at a time (which would make the fact so many existed in base PSO2 make so much more sense).

It's sad to see how empty this game is based on the Steam charts, as it still seems to maintain a positive rating to this day, just not many people ever played it. It uses XIGNCode if anti-cheat programs give you anxiety, so I'd look up the things it does before trying it if anyone is interested in it.

The gameplay kinda reminds me of like a combination of Date a Live Spirit Pledge and a tiny bit of the original PSO2. You don't get to really customize your character without using cosmetic items, if that's something you want, but I think the gameplay of the 2 characters I tried so far is pretty fun so far.

I wanted to try the similar looking game SoulWorker again, but XIGNCode is setup in a way for that game where it takes forever for the game to load as I think it's set to look through much more of the computer. I got tired of waiting to load, and this game seems to boot up much faster.

Also Closers had it's fatigue/energy/resin kind of system removed at some point so you can enjoy the game for much longer periods of time than SoulWorker allowed you to.

I think I like the pacing of the missions in this game more than SoulWorker though anyway. You feel a lot of speed in everything you do and you can move through the maps pretty quick.

I just figured other people may have the same issue I had with finding another f2p anime style game, and I think this would work for a lot of people that like either base PSO2 or NGS

You definitely have to use borderless gaming with windowed mode if you like fullscreen and like to tab out of the game though, otherwise it's gonna freeze if you do it too many times though xD

I burned myself out on my main character going through the story too quick so still playing this game, but have to get myself back into it by playing other things too. If you like this game don't do what I did and try to rush through the story. You'll play for too long of periods of time and get burned out too.

You don't really want to rush anyway since the Task Force Job Advancement (the final one atm) takes 5 days to complete, or a purchase to complete instantly.

Welp just wanted to say another game I started playing now CosmicBreak Universal. It's a relaunch of a game with a few updated texutes for characters. It's proably the closest thing to Custom Robo I've played since Custom Robo Arena, where you can switch a bunch of different parts on robots and fight in either PVE or PVP. I find the PVP really fun, and there is a lot of customization to the robots appearances and abilities. (Some abilites are from the bits equipment slot, you can equip various types of deployable turrets and other supportive items for yourself or teamates, though the skill tree system is similar to PSO2's in that you have to be careful what you put points into),

It could use some improvements, because you get additional robots from Gacha, and they only give you a few free gacha tickets a month besides the starting 3 robot you can get, (as in you choose 3, it's not you pick 1 out of 3 like pokemon games) and tickets from events unlike the previous iteration of the game where you could get tickets for any banner, as back then you could exchange the free currency for the premium one (but now you can only do the other way around).

But there's a lot of customization that I've never seen in any other free to play gacha game. You can customize the textures of every single part of your robots (except for the hair and any other accessories that come with the characters head for the human characters), and some parts even allow you to stretch the corners of the models too to reshape them.

You can still have fun with the robots you do manage to get either from your starting choices, buying one of the few free to play currencies, or getting lucky with the banners if you use parts from the right robot together, and make a build that works well.

There are multiple channels in the game that are exactly the same as they are in other games, you'd want to play in the Asia region since more people play there, but it doesn't matter which one you start playing on, your progress is shared between all of them.

Oh and if you consider playing this don't put the game in fullscreen if you have a monitor with a resolution over 720p, it just won't work, you have to keep it windowed in that resolution and use borderless gaming to get it to work (which you can get for free on the github for it, separately from the steam version), and use that to stretch the resolution. Idk if there's a way to fix it but that's the only thing that works for me.