Visual Bug? NGS Hairstyles with odd outline

So after the recent braver update, NGS hairstyles have been showing this weird white outline around character heads:

alt text alt text

Seeing this on both players and NPCs. I asked a few friends and they are not having this visual error, so I tried revalidating files through steam, updating my graphics drivers, and toggling various graphics settings in the game. Further, the outline is only visible on NGS hairstyles, classic pso2 hairs do not have the issue.

Update: Finding this only happens in virtual fullscreen. Changing the game to windowed removes the issue entirely, but going back to fullscreen brings it back.

@Zylo Having almost the exact same issue. Only the NPCs don't seem effected, and windowed mode didn't fix it. Only effects NGS hair. pso20210805_082710_001.png

@Danger out of curiosity, what resolution is your monitor? The only thing left I can think of is that I play on an ultrawide monitor and something is not lining up properly

I think you nailed it. I'm running an UW monitor as well. I was messing with different non-uw resolutions, and can make the lines vanish regardless if I'm in virtual fullscreen or windowed mode. The recommended resolution of my monitor is 3840x1600.

@Danger I'll have to mess with my resolutions later then, my UW is 5120 x 1440. Just sucks because this wasn't an issue before and would rather not have to drop my resolution to fix it

Same issue here running G9 Neo monitor at 5120x1440. Problem is when you run the game at the native 32:9 resolution, the in game's 3d models load at low-res (appears to be 720p). You can tell right from the loading screen that the visuals are fuzzy. I've tried manually configuring the user.pso2 file as well to no avail.

Ultimately, I've determined that the game is bugged to not load the proper 1440p visuals at 5120x1440 resolution. Doesn't matter if it is fullscreen or window. However, if you launch the game in a window 16:9 resolution (i.e 2560x1440), you will find the proper high-res 3d objects load and the game looks and runs well. I did create a ticket on this already. May be helpful if others also create tickets to help escalate this bugfix.

Same....5120x1440 here ... hair looks horrible.

have the same problem cant use ngs hairstyle they look horriblepso20210905_035355_029.jpg