I really enjoy this game! What do you personally enjoy about this game only!

Please post only what you enjoy please!

Please don’t post what needs to improve on or that there nothing enjoyable about it. Those comments you can keep to yourself or post those on the other threads of that nature. Please respect the thread topic and the atmosphere and tone of the thread.

Forum is absolute blast to read.

The battle system, the boss fights, the world's aesthetics and the music.

The combat keeps it going for me. if this were another tab-targeter or semi-targeter where youre attacking a hitbox i would have moved on.

Honestly the combat. I really liked the scion classes in base but it felt like the game could never really keep up with them (especially luster.) Since NGS is starting with scion like classes things are designed around them better. So the combat feels more engaging instead of just press button to blow up threats and then move onto the next group.

Still best character customization i have ever seen in any MMO.

CASTs?xd , character customization,music, emotes, motion animation:D

I like you keep all your old stuff from pso2, think that was a good call on segas part

Oh and the character customizer is about the best on the market. People gave cyberpunk 2077 creater mad props, but pso2's destroys that one.

i think the only one that comes close is in some hentai game found on steam :3

I enjoy... nothing!

I enjoy the gameplay, the big open world to explore, and the fact you can still bring in old PSO2 stuff and play PSO2 alongside NGS.

Mostly the superficial stuff. The fact that you get to use your older fashion is wonderful and the character customization the game possesses is pretty good. The updated graphics is also a plus since the game doesn't look outdated. Combat has a lot of potential, the unique design of DOLLS, the seamless transition from area to area and if you want to find a more populated location, it is super easy to transition.

Combat is somewhat fun, the fashion aspect is still great, and its connected to base PSO2.


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