Ecole Skirt/2

Why is the Ecole Skirt/2 so clipped on default settings SEGA? Anyone else has this problem? Even when i make this acc. bigger it looks like ridiculously oversized shorts. I don't think this should be happening with the new engine and all... Feels like I got ripped off. Thankfully i didn't use real cash for this.

really would like to see this fixed if possible so i can finish my fashion. 😕

Screenshot (82).png Screenshot (81).png Screenshot (80).png editor-202183150-63346.png

Even before NGS, thing that go around your waist were exclusively designed for skinny characters and playing with the size options didn't help. I'd imagine nothing has changed in that regard, so your options are to get skinny or forget about it.

Yea, those skirts don't seem to play well with thicc waists or butts :3 Gotta edit it or turn into a skinny thing for them to look right out of the box. Most accessories need to be fixed in the salon anyway.

Would look better on CAST if I could remove the leather parts as a toggle option.

pso20210809_221707_000.jpg pso20210809_221841_002.jpg